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Welcome to the Valley

Welcome to the Valley

Hemet and San Jacinto was once famous for being a retirement community dotted with thousands of mobile homes in quite communities.  The two cities sit nestled in a mountain range that forms a horse shoe.  Its geographical makeup excludes it from many people who would be “just passing through.”  Farming and agriculture still blossom on the outskirts of the town and to the far-east, millions of orange trees dot the landscape which leave a picturesque look and smell all year round.  Farmers from Idaho found that potatoes grow well in the soil of the area giving place to the Agri Empire.  To the west leaving town there are several dairies.

The weather in Hemet and San Jacinto is dry and hot with an ideal climate in the fall and winter with temperatures rarely dropping below 60 degrees in the day.  During the summer the temperature often climbs above 100 degrees, cooling down at night to the 60 and 70’s.  This is a good reason to open the windows and use a fan in the evening. Follow this advice and you could go most of the summer without having to run your air conditioning very much.

The valley’s past track record should bring comfort to those afraid of natural disasters, there have been no severe earthquakes, no tornados , precious few thunderstorms and flooding has been very rare.

Much of the agriculture that was once here has been replaced by housing booms bringing younger families to the valley from places like Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino.  Hemet and San Jacinto entice those who seek lower rental rates and quieter neighborhoods.  The crime rate is much lower here and many of the homes lay well within easy commuting distance.

Hemet and San Jacinto would be barely recognizable to the people who knew the area as a retirement community, there are several shops and restaurants, and the town has grown eastward.  The area continues to be developed and the town is soon to bring all the stores and restaurants a big city has to offer.

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